Bracelets, Rings, Earrings

$8 Copper Leaf Earrings 

 $8 Black/Gray/Crystal Drop on a Ring Earrings

$8 Oval Black Studded Dangles

$8 Black Disc with Stone Rings

$8 Coral and Black

$8 Large Silver Medallion and 5 Dangles

$8 Vintage Silver Design

Earring Name

$8 Chain Heart and Ring Dangle  Bracelet

$10 Black Crystal Butterfly Stretch Bracelet

$10 Multi Color Crystal Butterfly Stretch Bracelet

$10 Red Crystal Butterfly Stretch Bracelet

$8 - 4 Strand Multi Earth Tones Stretch Bracelet

$8 Bangles Metal and Wood Bangles

$8 Bangles Metal and Gray Bangles

$8 Bangles Metal and Black Bangles

$8 Multi Color Flower and Crystal Stretch Bracelet

$8 Chain with Dangle Hearts and Multi Beads Bracelet

$8 Clustered *Bling* Ring


$8 Black Metal and Rhinestone Bangles

$8 Black and Silver 3 Strand Stretch/Chain

$3 Cuff Metal Floral Etching


Turquoise Variety $8

Earring Description

$8 Brighton Inspired Collection

Earring Description

$6 Turquoise Cluster Adjustable Rings

Ring Description